Be Empowered by
Tapping into Your Authentic Identity
November 25, 2019 at 5:00 AM
by Women Connect Hub - Debbie Odunlami
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Be Empowered by Tapping into Your Authentic Identity

Society somehow defines life for us. There are certain expectations at every stage and step of our lives. At a particular age, you are expected to start school, finish school (elementary school, high school, college, university....etc), start working, get married, have a couple of kids and so on......should we disregard expectations completely, throw all cautions into the winds and just do whatever we want or like? NO, because it is important to submit to authority for they guide us through life. Period

Switching gear now, I will tell you a bit about myself. I am someone who is always cautious because my thoughts could be too deep sometimes (not in a braggadocios way) but I like to be heard exactly the way it plays in my head and I always think about the impression I'm leaving, that makes me overthink and over process things. This then puts me in a category of people who are nervous public speakers because of my tone, sometimes my accent and maybe my delivery style. I can have a fantastic one-on-one conversation/teaching sessions and I’ve been told by people that I'm a great coach and mentor -"when you are good, you tell people but when you are great people will tell you" - Humbly received. But, when it comes to addressing a group of people in a public setting, I get nervous (a lot of people probably belong in this category) but I consider mine to be somehow unbalanced because when I make presentations at work, speaking on topics that I'm considered an SME on, I do them effortlessly, however, on my other passion, I get super jittery...

Still work in progress but the light bulb to solving this unbalanced presentations/public speaking skills lit up when I saw a friend's post on Facebook. She posted a picture of herself when she was about to make a speech at a huge conference and to pump herself up she said - the best way to get over public speaking nerves is to be authentic to yourself, she says don't assume anything, if you have prepared and practiced, let it flow - sounds so simple but really...... that right there Empowered Me.

Oprah Winfrey says "Personality with passion brings Authenticity and Authenticity with goals, hard work and other relevant factors brings SUCCESS. So the questions are:

  • How do you know your Authentic Self?
  • How can you tap into your Authentic Identity?
  • How can you empower yourself from your Authentic Identity?

How do you know your Authentic Self?

We all have inborn personality traits. Natural strengths and weaknesses, for example some of us are naturally good at numbers while some are great readers/writers. Some are creative and some are derivative. It's important to know what your natural ability is and also recognize what your likes and interests are. There are other aspects of things that you may not naturally be good at but would love to develop through hard work and persistence - and that's okay.

I learned to separate the authentic me from the show I was putting on to benefit other people when I started to give myself the power to be bored because naturally, I like to always be on the go, to be busy. I could be perceived as someone who is quiet but my mind travels at a speed of light. I'm the hardest critic of myself because my comfort zone is sacred to me and my ability to contain and control myself especially in a public setting makes me feel sorta....special. When I started to take a pause and began to slow down, I discovered some sides of me that I never knew were there. I became aware of my true likes and dislikes and this has put my brain in a flow. I'm birthing some other sides of me and I'm liking the person I'm becoming each day.

So, I want to encourage you, empower yourself by deciding you are not going to stay where you are - regardless of circumstances because growing pains are inevitable. Search deep to know your authentic self and begin to explore opportunities around you - in your career/business, family values, faith and personal development. Now, I focus less on people's thoughts, I look for growth and how I can continue to learn and impact my world. I know this will give me what I needed to experience pure joy.

How can you tap into your Authentic Identity?

To tap into your authentic identity, you have to know your value, you have to believe that you are enough. To leave an impression on other people you meet, you must first leave an impression on yourself and this starts with your God given ability to self- reflect. The bible says, God made everything beautiful and human being's natural tendency is to find beautiful things or be identified with beautiful things. Knowing that you possess a beautiful and unique attributes should help you find your AUTHENTIC Identity. You have been created with the power to find what you were born with because you were created to do whatever your hand and your purpose are predestined.

As much as we know that, doing what you love is hmmm...... sort of considered a luxury and a privilege, because of responsibilities especially when we at a stage where other people depend on us.

If you love or develop love for what you do, you will feel super liberated....your confidence level will grow immensely, you will take pride in your achievements, receive praise with open heart and you will tap into your authenticity like magic.

How can you Empower Yourself from your Authentic Identity?

The first thing to do here is to overcome the Pressure to Conform. The tendency to conform which is often subconscious is a big distraction that can completely derail you to a level of hmmm...... “why do I need to bother" - not a good place to be in.

Most of us like the idea of being true to ourselves, but in the moment — almost like a reflex — we simply just “go along to get along” and conform to what everybody else is doing. Don't let your mind be overwhelmed with societal pressures to conform because we know an overwhelmed mind shuts down. To Empower Yourself from your Authentic Identity, you should do the following:

  • Know your values because your values are what is important to you regardless of your circumstances.
  • Be intentional with your actions because your actions are what you consciously do.
  • Develop habits that you love and you are ready for them to be second nature because your habits are your subconscious behaviors, they are things you do without even thinking about them.
  • Have a character that screams authenticity because your character is your true self.

Put Into Practice

After aligning these things and nailing them down with your authentic self, you are empowered to show your true self to the world. A lot of people will be attracted to you and your work because deep down everyone wants to be authentic too.

This will also help you make "Solid" authentic decisions in your faith, family, career/business and personal development. Think about this as we go into year #2020 - a year of Momentum and Clarity

Women Connect Hub - Debbie Odunlami