Women Connect Hub offers a wide range of free mentoring programs
Mentoring Programs

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Mentoring Programs
Free Mentoring programs

Our programs are backed by experts who are willing to dedicate their time to work alongside with you.

  • 3 Months Mentoring Program

    Our 3 months mentoring program is a specialized program for people who are interested in building a business. Those who want to learn new skills, systems, strategies and frameworks to catapult. It includes behavior and leadership skills, decision making skills, strong relationship building skills, team building skills and so on.

  • Peer to Peer Mentoring Program

    Our peer to peer mentoring program will help you connect with others in similar business or career path. The environment will facilitate open and candid conversations about strengths, weaknesses, goals, fears, difficult people, day-to-day issues and more. You will also be able to broaden your network to people in other areas for greater perspective

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